I’m a mother, a grandmother, and an entrepreneur.

Like most of you, I’m busy.  I talk fast and laugh too loud.  But I’m also a dreamer who needs stillness, room to breathe, and time to vision. I find that space and ground myself through connecting with nature, and expressing myself creatively.

One way I do this is through photography.  Capturing the beauty of nature is like a meditation for me.     You’ll find some of my floral art on this website soon. 

I am amazed by the beauty and power of plants – particularly their aroma. Essential oils are one of nature’s most powerful gifts.  I’ve been using them for over 18 years, and I can tell you they are life changing – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Essential oils have become one of  my passions in life. I love sharing them with others, and watching as their health and wellness vastly improve.  When you feel better physically, you feel better emotionally; and vice versa.

I like to inspire people, to help them find their inner spark.   Let me help you find yours.

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